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ISSN : 1226-4946(Print)
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The Yeats Journal of Korea Vol.20 pp.87-106

Imagination and Reality in W. B. Yeats’s Poetry

Hwa Sup Lim


Yeats was interested in imagination as he was familiar with the function andvalue of imagination. For him, Imagination is a kind of creative principle; it is likean almighty divine god. By using and developing the power of imagination we cando anything. The ultimate aim of imagination is to create a paradise in this worldfrom now to eternity. It is, however, too difficult to make such images, as we wishto. Though difficult, it is not impossible to do so. According to Bergson, thepossible and the real are not essentially different qualities; they are originally thesame attributes; furthermore, all material things are to be formed by the gatheringtogether of images―the world of imagination consists of numerous images. Thus,we, with the marvellous power of imagination, can have the infinite power andintelligence, which resemble those of God.
Nonetheless, we are sad for many human conditions that restrict us. But Yeatspraises the human souls that overcome such conditions with full arduous life. As heawakens mentally, he comes to find the concept of taking pains -labor-; he needs tomake constant efforts to realize the imagination as he wants it, wholeheartedly. ToYeats, such a hard process of living itself is man's sublimity. He concludes that instruggling against the terrible condition of life man will come closer to theattributes of God.

W. B. 예이츠의 시: 상상력과 실재와의 관계



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