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The Yeats Journal of Korea Vol.24 pp.187-212

Yeats Comforted ?Yeats and the Middle Class: the Process of Accepting “the Despotism of Fact”?

Young-Hee Jung


This paper attempts to analyze and prove Yeats' gradual acceptance of themiddle class and the people's democracy of South Ireland, just liberated fromEngland. He always struggled against the Irish Catholic bourgeoisie and theirpractical and political nationalism during his lifetime for realizing his ideal vision ofIreland embodying the “Unity of Being”; he dreamed to establish a culturallyaristocratic nation keeping order not by forced law and power but by imaginationand desire of self-transcendence, while South Ireland pursued practical interests andbecame a theocracy.
After burning his “rage and lust” against the mass culture of post-colonialCatholic Ireland, Yeats began to admit Catholic Ireland as it was with theperspective of the poetic transcendence, “tragic joy.” His recognition of the Catholicmiddle class at the end of his life is considered for attaining the sense of unitywith Irish people, which was essential to his vision of nation. This paper traces hischanging attitudes toward the middle class, especially focusing on such poems as“The Municipal Gallery Revisited,” “The Statues,” “Circus Animal's Desertion,” and“Cuchulain Comforted.”

위로받는 예이츠 -예이츠와 중산계급: “사실의 횡포성” 수용 과정-



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