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ISSN : 1226-4946(Print)
ISSN : 2288-5412(Online)
The Yeats Journal of Korea Vol.32 pp.241-260

The Tower Motif in Yeats's Poetry

Shin Won Kyung


I have made an attempt to read the tower imagery in some of Yeats’s middleand last poems. The tower is a key symbol in his poetry. He purchased a Normantower in 1917 and moved into it to live in summers from 1919. Since then, it hadbecome an emblem of his profound philosophy in his philosophical poetry.
I read both the tower poems and their social and historical backgrounds tounderstand his works more deeply. I also study the way his tower poems reflectNeoplatonic symbolism and intellectual symbolism. The tower symbolizes the poet'sspiritual and historical changes in his life; at one time, the tower was a romanticand stable place for the newlywed Yeatses; at others, it served as a retreat at hiscritical moments and as a place for philosophical contemplation on life and death;eventually it became the poet himself and the eternal symbol of his art as well.


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