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The Images Associated with Colors in Yeats’s Poems: White Color

Yoo Byeong-Koo


Colors in the poems are non-verbal communication. Colors in the poetry havesymbolism and color meanings that go beyond ink. Therefore, the purpose of thispaper is to investigate how Yeats chooses colors for his poems and how thosecolors are related to his poetic imagination. Yeats uses many colors in his poems inorder to strengthen his poetic themes. The color that he uses quite frequently in TheCollected Poems of W. B. Yeats is white. The color white is often related to thefairyland, his ideal land, or the beauty of woman in his several poems. In Yeats’spoems, he also equates the love of country with the love of woman. He connectsthe physical world to the spiritual world by using the color white in his poems. Forexample, in “The White Birds” Yeats hopes to flee from the material world ofsorrow with his beloved in the form of white birds. Yeats describes Maud Gonne’sbeauty as a white woman because she is the loveliest woman that he has ever met.In his Autobiographies, he says that her complexion was luminous like that ofapple-blossom when he met her for the first time. The color of apple-blossom iswhite. The color white is used in many places in his poems to express the beautyof woman or the love of Ireland. In short, understanding the meaning of white usedin his poetry will help us grasp his poems properly.주제어(

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