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The Yeats Journal of Korea Vol.19 pp.113-128

The Cyclical System in the Eastern Philosophy of W. B. Yeats

Cho Yong-Hae


W. B. Yeats is one of the most important philosophical poets who tried toincorporate history, society, art, and literature in their poems. He proved that the humandesire to create the 'Self' through the literature was possible. The developmental processof his literature shows a long way to his destination : freedom of the human soul. Itwas natural that he has accepted various Eastern and Western philosophies to achievehis goal.
Yeats utilized the Indian thoughts in his works and he did it through his ownways. Moreover, he popularized the Indians spiritual life in his works. He tried hard togive an organic unity to his whole works. Especially, he expressed the results of hisefforts along his life for his desire for the spirit and its freedom in a raw. It was anunavoidable thing to accept the Oriental thoughts to him, and they effected so much tohim to remain in his spiritual world. Among them there was a Cyclical System fromthe Indian philosophy as a mystic experience to resolve the conflict.
The purpose of this dissertation is to examine the influences of Eastern philosophyon Yeats. Secondly, the developmental process of Cycle whose completed forms, suchas a gyre or a circle, can be found in A Vision, are traced through the analysis ofYeats’s verse. The ultimate role of the system is the realization of the Unity of Being,which is the state of harmony and unity through the conflicts of the opposites such aslife and death, subjectivity and objectivity, and soul and body, etc.

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