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The Yeats Journal of Korea Vol.5 pp.1-25

Some Characteristics of W. B. Yeats’s Early Romantic Poetry*

Se Soon Lee


Yeats started his earlier poetic life, trying to express everythingof his life in his poetry. Naturally, all the characteristic elementsof Yeats’s poetry are closely related with his own life andexperiences. And some of the autobiographical elements whichcharacterized his life and poetry are: his innate introspective,romantic disposition and strong imagination; teachings of hisfather who advocated artistic solipsism; his deep affection forancient Irish legends and magic; his intense ideologicand myths; his strong belief in mysticismal propensity; his readings inBlake and Shelley; his acquaintances with Pre-Raphaelites; hisunrequited love for Maud Gonne.
The dominant notes of Yeats’s early romantic poetry are tingedwith deep sorrow or pathos for the changes of the human world,elapsing of time, ungraspable and fading love, growing old, andcoming death. Romantic ideologist as he was, he would stay inthe pure ideological dimension where all would vanish out ofhuman grasp. His seeking for the supernatural mythic worldwithout conflict reflected another aspect of his escapism whichwas to end in vain. As a matter of course, his early poetry is arecord of spiritual growth of an agonizing romantic escapist.
On the other hand, Yeats succeeded in generalizing orobjectifying his lyrics by adopting various symbols from theancient Irish myths and legends. Besides, his early poetrycontains many symbols, images, themes, and rhythms from whichthose of his later seasoned poems were to develop.
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W. B. Yeats의 초기 낭만시의 특징*



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