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An Analysis of Hyo-Seok Lee’s Essay J. M. Synge’s Drama

Jang Won-Jae


The first significant modern theatre movement in Korea arose in the early1920s. Modern Irish drama and its theatre movement has always been a major fieldof interest for the Korean intellectuals and dramatists who believed that it provideda model for the modern Korean theatre. The importation of Irish drama wassystematically conducted by different groups from the Korean intellectuals in the1920s and 1930s, during which period many of them published articles concerningIrish drama and the Irish theatre movement.
A famous Korean writer Hyo-Seok Lee(1907-1942) published an article titled 'AResearch about John Millington Synge's Drama' in 1930, a compressed version ofhis BA degree essay in Monthly Dae-joong-gong-ron(Public Opinion). However,despite of his fame and popularity as a writer and material for academic research,this article has been forgotten and has remained unknown. Majority of Koreanscholars concentrate on Lee's novel and essays while comparatively neglecting Lee'sinterest towards Irish drama.
The main areas of discussions are the followings. First, socio-culturalsignificance of Irish impact on Korean theatre will be discussed. Second, in thecontext of Irish influence on Korean drama, the main feature of Lee's viewpointtowards Synge will be examined in comparison with other politically orientedKorean essays.

이효석의 평문 「죤 미링톤 씽그의 극연구」 고찰



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