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Diasporic Writing and Misreading Mythology

Kang Min Gun


Motivated with thinking of a new literary theory so called diaspora, thepurpose of this paper is to explore Heaney’s postcolonial writing as he misreadsthe myth in decolonized Ireland. The relationship between the decolonial discourseand diasporic theory is riding on a current issue in writings. I assume that agrowing interest among readers reflects this prevailing term for his work. Hiswriting method and idea owe more to diasporic attitude in the respect that hesubverts the established Irish myth.
Heaney have been witnessed historical moments of Irish reality so he broke thefabricating historical myth. Heaney explored the traditional literature in Ireland,characterized by the effects of the experience of colonization and a sense ofintellectual and spiritual deprivation. By way of this historical experience ofauthentic decolonization of his mother land, Heaney's writing became, more andmore, politicized against the crisis which the repressive force of imperialism causedto occur.
Under this traumatic disasters of Ireland, Heaney’s poetic quest makes him thepractical struggle against the colonial power in a poetic way. And he creates a newdecolonial place. It could be said that the poet attitude like that is diasporic writingas a new writing one.

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