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“Coole Park and Ballylee, 1931”: On Translation of ‘Hole’ into Korean

Woo Cheol Hwan


In December, 2007 the present writer wrote a paper on the errors ininterpretation in which I raised an objection to the two Korean professors' translationof ‘hole’ which appear in the first stanza of “Coole Park and Ballylee, 1931” intoKorean 구멍. Instead, the present writer insisted that ‘hole’ means ‘a deep place ina body of water’, one of the definitions of the word as described in Webster'sThird New International Dictionary in that the meaning harmonizes well with thewhole poem. But in May, 2009, Mr. Kim, Sangmoo, Professor Emeritus of YoungNam University read his paper to the effect that the present writer was wrong. Hispaper subjected the present writer to a thorough examination into the matter. In thecourse of close examination, the present writer came upon a book entitled A YeatsDictionary. The present writer consulted the book for some hint leading to thesolution of the present issue. At last the present writer found what he wanted in itsentry, Coole Park. It read, "The lake further fascinated Yeats because its only drainwas a narrow subterranean passage which caused the lake to double and treble itssize in winter." All quess-works are needed no more. The present writer had toown that he made a mistake by his hasty conclusion. The ‘hole’ was the only drainin Coole lake, so that its translation into ‘구멍’ in Korean does not mar themeaning of the poem. In addition, this research proved fruitful in some other way.In the process of solving the above-mentioned point in question, the present writerfaced a problematical and arbitrary way of Prof. Kim's presenting his argument inhis paper. This gave the present writer a motivation to suggest, although in a crudeway, a desirable mode of presenting arguments in paper.

「1931년 쿨파크와 밸릴리」 : “hole”의 번역에 대하여*



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