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The Yeats Journal of Korea Vol.32 pp.5-27

The Correspondence Between Chapter 4 of Ulysses and Calypso Episode of Odyssey

Sung Kee-woon


As William Butler Yeats is one of the greatest modern English poet Irelandproduced, James Joyce is one of the greatest modern English novelist born inIreland. Yeats used the legends of Ireland as poetic material and established hisown philosophical scheme with the help of his wife George Hyde Lees’s automaticwriting.
James Joyce used the legend of the ancient work as a base of his novel’sstructure. In Ulysses, he used Homer’s Odyssey as a means of giving unity to theseemingly disorganized modern citizens’s lives. Joyce himself disclosed the schemeof Ulysses and all the chapters corresponded to the episodes in Homer’s Odyssey.
Chapter 4 of Ulysses corresponds to the Calypso episode in Odyssey. Thoughthe Calypso episode lasts 24 days and chapter 4 deals with the accidents happenedin only 45 minutes, there are lots of parallels between the two stories. Therelationship between Calypso and Odysseus parallels that of Bloom and his wifeMolly. What Bloom does in that time parallels what Odysseus does during 24 days.
In conclusion, we can safely say that Joyce adapted the Calypso episode verywell to the modern Odysseus, Bloom and his adventure in the modern city, Dublin.

『율리시즈』 제 4장과 칼립소 에피소드와의 대응관계



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