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The World of Movement in Stillness: A Study on “Under Ben Bulben”

Choi Hie Sup


As is well-known, “Under Ben Bulben” is Yeats’s swan song. The last threelines of this poem, “Cast a cold eye / On life, on death. / Horseman, pass by!” iswritten on the tombstone of Yeats under his command. This epitaph shows thatYeats himself looked life and death in a cold eye.
As Yeats believed the regeneration of body and the eternity of soul, he couldaccept the death of his body serenely, I think. That is because he accepted somemain thoughts of Buddhism. Or at least he found some similarity between the Irishthoughts and the Oriental thoughts.
This paper focused on examining Buddhist thoughts reflected in “Under BenBulben”, though in this poem, there was no word nor phrase indicating Buddhism.There were lots of words and phrases indicating Irish thoughts and Christianity, butnobody can deny that there lay Buddhist thoughts in the background.
In conclusion, Yeasts accepted Buddhism and adapted it to his purpose andcreated his religion.

정중동의 세계: 예이츠의 「벌벤 산 아래」 에 관한 한 고찰



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