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The Yeats Journal of Korea Vol.34 pp.5-25

Yeats’s Four Faculties and Symbolic Approach in A Vision(I)

Ko Joon-Seog


This paper is an attempt to discuss Yeats’s Four Faculties and symbolicapproach in A Vision. He tried to search for how to make many symbols andimages drawn in his poetry into one principle and theory and put it together in AVision. He used Four Principles to explain the cycle of reincarnation while he madeuse of Four Faculties to show the stream of consciousness. He insists that we havemany spiritual conflicts and pains. However we can solve this conflict andconfrontation through the course of Four Faculties. He elaborately explains that thiskind of stream of consciousness divides in Four Faculties and this travels on thephases of the moon in A Vision.
These Four Faculties are Will, Mask, Creative Mind, and Body of Fate. Will isunderstood that what’s the feeling has not become desire because there is no objectto desire. Mask is understood the image of what we wish to become. Creative Mindmeant intellect. And Body of fate is understood the physical and mentalenvironment, the changing human body, and the stream of phenomena as this affectsa particular individual, all that is forced upon us from without.
Four Faculties movement means that the change of relative force in each pairof psychical function unites with the principle symbol of the 28 phases of moon. Ina sense though this symbol is actually his own volition, this also has a beauty andmighty force. Transformation of the 28 phases of moon relates to cross over fromthe Primary to the Antithetical. Phase 15 and phase 1 emblematized the unity ofWill and Creative Mind not moving and fixing. In phase 15, the feeling ofintroversion easily changes into the thought of introversion through material that issubjective image, or archetypical image. However in phase 1, the intuition of extroversion changes into the sensation of extroversion through the focus fromwithout. These two phases make reconciliation rather than conflict.
In conclusion, through the unity of subjective image, Unity with God, Unitywith Nature, we experience the moment of tranquility in which reincarnationpresents itself outside of cycle of phases. The synthesis from without opposed to theunity of image in the center of the Antithetical. Therefore Yeats shows the methodof Unity with Nature, Unity with God, and Unity of Being in A Vision. Howeverhe insists the ideas of Unity of Being in his poems.

『비전』의 ‘4가지 기능’과 상징적 접근(I)



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