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ISSN : 1226-4946(Print)
ISSN : 2288-5412(Online)
The Yeats Journal of Korea Vol.72 pp.39-57

Readings into Aesthetics of Silence: Intertextuality and The Hermit’s Way for the World

Suryashi Dubey
Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya


Aesthetics is the perception of the beautiful; of refined taste and the attributes on which aesthetic judgment is done is the basis of philosophical considerations. It is about experiencing a higher empathetic experience, where oneness is achieved through an artistic sensuous cognition; studying the foregrounding of thoughts and imagery. Aesthetics here are associated with meditative silences in Buddhism. But silences are not only mediative, often they are excruciating to the core of life, in this modern world. The pain is associated with psychological turmoil and helplessness. Modern English literature is full of such examples. This research paper studies the aesthetic bliss and seeks to evaluate the unity between eastern and western cultures. A comparative study of the situated silences and to understand why the world needs, “ways of hermit”; the poetry to come out of the situations of helplessness forced upon them. Here the focus is on the textual analysis and to study the contextual meaning as well. The poems of some modern poets such as W.B Yeats, T.S. Eliot, Philip Larkin are studied as a source of interpretation along with the classical Japanese work of esteemed beauty, Hōjōki (An account of my hut, 1212) by Kamo no Chōmei and other aesthetic categorizations are the primary ways of understanding the aesthetics of silence.





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