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The Yeats Journal of Korea Vol.32 pp.45-62

The Images Associated with Colors in Yeats’s Poems: Red and Blood

Yoo Byeong-Koo


Colors in the poems are non-verbal communication. Colors in the poetry havesymbolism and color meanings that go beyond ink. The purpose of this paper,therefore, is to investigate how Yeats chooses colors for his poems and how thosecolors are related to his poetic imagination. Yeats uses many colors in his poems inorder to strengthen his poetic themes.
The color that he uses frequently in The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats isred. The color red is often related to the word blood in several of his poems. InYeats’s poems, the color red and blood are connected to Ireland and the Irishpeople’s devotion to their country. In his poems Yeats tries to praise the beauty ofIreland and those people who dedicated their lives to Ireland. For example, in “Tothe Rose upon the Rood of Time,” “The Rose Tree,” “To Ireland in the ComingTimes” and so on, Yeats uses the red and blood imagery associated with Ireland inorder to exalt his own country and his own people just as Christians praise the redblood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross for their salvation.
Finally, grasping the meaning of various colors used in his poetry will help usunderstand his poems more broadly.

예이츠의 시에 나타난 색채 이미지: 적색과 붉은 피를 중심으로



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