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ISSN : 1226-4946(Print)
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The Yeats Journal of Korea Vol.28 pp.165-190

In Searching for the Lost: The Individual and the History in the Poems of Eavan Boland

Huh Hyun Sook


Eavan Boland finds her poetic identity in the significances of her birthplace ofIreland and her gender of an Irish woman. with this identity she shows a keenawareness of the fundamental sense of poetic ethics - to de-and re-construct thetraditional literary frame imposed by male points of view, witnessing to the truthsand facts of Irish women's experiences in the history of Ireland. In the broad senseof the Irish matter, Boland concerns with the artistic image and its relationship tothe facts of women's lives in Ireland and she tries to find the poetic place ofwomen in pointing the loss of women in Irish history and literary tradition. In thisaspect Boland tries to find the proper images to suggest the true identity of womenjust in history not outside of history. So her dependence on the power of languageand on the objective attitudes to the common lives and trivial things of women'slives is the proof for her poetic ethics. Some poems of Boland's blast the musewho helps men to write women as a queen to Ireland as a mother to the childrenand husband. Instead she urges the muse to keep her place beside women poets increating the homely images. In creating the true images of women the common ispresent and she suggests the woman's potentiality as a subject and a viewer and asa mother and a poet. So Boland destabilizes the images of woman as a grandmythic queen and as an abstract composite of femininity. In this process Bolandkeeps her tone cold and cool even in showing her powerful views on the femaleidentity. She achieves this attitude through 'looking' and 'watching.' She suggests tolook into the mirror towards the general readers as well as poets herself even inher rage to the Irish literary tradition. So she keeps her own characteristic voices infinding and reintroducing the perspectives that run counter to the traditional Irishmale views on woman and history.

잃어버린 것들을 찾아서: 이반 볼란드 시에서의 개인과 역사*



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